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Flow of port transport service

TOHKAI KAIUN provides safe, assured and swift port cargo handling at the Port of Keihin and the Port of Chiba by our full range of qualified technicians with extensive experience, in tune with the changing times, addressing such trends as increasingly complex logistics, modernization and jumbo scaling up of ships, and containerization of the various forms of transportation.


step.1 Port Transport Operation
(on board and shore cargo handling)

General containers Fruits & vegetables
Steel stock  Vehicles 
Precision machines General merchandise

step.2 Warehousing
(warehouses and bonded warehouses)

Funabashi Bonded Warehouse

step.3 Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance Handling by Sea-NACCS
Various Inspections (plant inspection)
Customs Inspection

step.4 Distribution Processing

Classification by region
Assemblies, etc.
◎Inventory holding and inventory management, etc.
Order-placement work (handling of accounts payable)
Order-accepting work
Order-placement work (control of accounts receivable, etc.)

step.5 Nationwide Delivery

By fixed routes
Consolidated, etc.