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We provide services from port transport to customs clearance, distribution processing and nationwide delivery, mainly around Tokyo Bay


Our headquarters were established in May 1949 in Minato-ku, Tokyo as an onboard cargo-handling agent, and we have been a comprehensive port transport carrier since then in the Port of Keihin and the Port of Chiba.
Accompanying the development of the ports as distribution bases of maritime cargo, the number of which grew along with the rapid restoration of the Japanese economy after the war, we have expanded our business under the motto "safely, surely and swiftly" to respond to diversified needs by respecting "harmony among people." We have been working hard to become a carrier at port with whom customers can feel safe about entrusting the handling of their important cargo. Thanks to our customers, we have gained trust and confidence in our business.
Furthermore, while we try to expand our corporate business at ports, such as the construction of warehouses in the new Tokyo waterfront subcenter area, all our staff work together and make efforts to aim for operational diversification and stabilization, by responding to the ever-changing economic situations in Japan and overseas.

We appreciate your continuous support and guidance in the future.

We provide services are related to importation / exportation mainly based in the Tokyo Bay area.
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